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Frequently Asked Questions
Senior Living Question Answers

Questions Regarding Apple Blossoms Assisted Living Care for the Elderly We all have questions regarding the type of facility that would best be suited for our loved ones. What follows are some of the questions we’ve encountered over the years of caring for our beloved Silver Spring elderly residents.

What distinguishes Apple Blossoms from other senior living facilities?

From the moment you pull up to our door you realize the difference. Located in a beautiful, residential neighborhood lush with blossoming trees, the home blends in with class and dignity. There are no signs or the appearance of an institutional complex. This is a home environment where the residents receive personalized respite care in a much more intimate and home like environment.

The enticing aroma of home cooked meals often fills the home and the residents are treated like family – gathering in the kitchen to share, laugh, and keep each other company. Families of members are even invited to stay to dine when visiting their loved ones. It really is a unique environment.

How is an Assisted Living Facility different from a Nursing Home?
  It’s smaller. More intimate. Just like home. It’s a five bed facility so the residents get more attention versus the nursing home where the ratio for care is at least 15 (or 26) to 1 where we have 5 to 1 or less. Someone is here twenty-four hours a day. We have a volunteer from the local school’s CNA program.
How do I know if it's time for me to look at assisted living?
  It really is unique to each individual’s nature and needs. When a senior finds it difficult to perform daily tasks, they may wish to look at an assisted living arrangement. Such a facility also offer family members some assurance that when they are away their loved one is cared for and safe.
Is your Assisted Living Facility allowed to give medication?
  Yes, we are. We have a certified medication technician which is required by the State of Maryland and by Montgomery County for all senior residences.
What if a senior is very ill but does not need to go to a hospital?
  We have an on-call physician who comes to our home. If it’s an acute issue – he’ll come once and do a follow-up ensuring that the resident is on the mend. Plus, our doctor is available for advice and we often call him with questions. We can do labs at the home- Holy Cross home health labs.
What if my parent needs x-rays or special tests?
  Silver Spring X-rays can be done on the premises. And we even have a dentist on wheels available if needed. This kind of in-home medical service and testing is convenient for family members – as they can be too busy to take their regular caretaker to all of their tests.
Are you equipped to deal with my aging parent with Alzheimer’s?
  As each Alzheimer’s patient is unique we confer with our geriatric physician and our psychiatrist to offer support. We can also refer the resident to a neurologist – so that we can develop a plan of care to help them. We offer daily occupational therapy and medication to make the Alzheimer’s patient more comfortable with their surroundings and daily activities. Nurses are available and on the premises throughout the day and night.
What kind of emergency procedures do you practice at your assisted living home?
  Every month we go through our fire safety and emergency plan with the staff and we will talk to the residents about how to get in and out of the home. Off the main home, within minutes is the Hillindale Fire Department and the Police Station.
How close is your senior care facility to a hospital?
  We are not far from Highway 495 so getting to Holy Cross Hospital takes minutes.
My father is eighty-five years old and suffers from depression – how can you help him?
  We have a psychiatrist available. We will also offer tender loving care and we try, in our familial way, to draw him out of their depression and to engage in the home’s activities.
I'm caring for my loved one, but something has come up, and now I need someone to take care of the him/her while I am unavailable. Can Apple Blossoms help? Do you offer temporary respite care?
  Of course we can. We can even do short term notice if we have open beds. If we have respite we can definitely accommodate them. We don’t like to turn away a senior in need.
Is it really a family environment? Does a family run it?
  Odette, the owner, lives in walking distance from Apple Blossoms and is on the premises daily with her family to monitor and make sure all the residents and their family members are okay. Family members are welcome all the time and Odette is open to helping them care for their loved one. So, yes, as it is a home, in a small neighborhood, it is as if living with one’s own family.
Does your Senior residence offer daily or special outings or planned activities?

It depends on the level of care needed for the resident but we will plan trips if they are up to it. Local restaurants, senior club trips with other seniors, neighborhood walks, yoga, or a visit to the movie theater are some of the activities we’ve offered in the past.

Are pets allowed – some seniors want to bring their pet with them and are reluctant to move into a home unless they can – is this open for consideration?
  No. We have done that before and it just didn’t work for sanitary reasons, and because of other people’s allergies. However, if the residents would like a pet to visit for a few hours, we can arrange that.


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